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Actived: Saturday Feb 27, 2021


DC - Discount Code | AcronymFinder

TOP TIPS; BEAT THE CREDIT CRUNCH WITH OUR GUIDE TO MONEY-OFF COUPONS. Customers could replace their orders with a 25 per cent discount code. Glitch led to buying spree. TERMS AND CONDITIONS * Discount codes may not be applied to theme park, attraction tickets or certain charity gifts.

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COB - Business & Finance - Acronym Finder

31 definitions of COB. Definition of COB in Business & Finance. What does COB stand for?

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WUC - Work Unit Code (US DoD) | AcronymFinder

I whisked through it, making sure a part was indexed, searching for the work unit code (always a pain), and then I messed up and made a fool of myself, bringing into question my integrity and inspecting abilities.

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TDI - Definition by AcronymFinder

TDI: Therapy Development Institute (Cambridge, MA) TDI: Treatment Demand Indicator (drug addiction: various locations) TDI: Turbo Diesel Injection: TDI

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CFFA - Chilean Fresh Fruit Association | AcronymFinder

CALITERRA WINES The line of Chilean wines is teaming up with the (Robert Mondavi) Chilean Fresh Fruit Association with a promotion pairing fresh fruit and salmon from Chile with the wines; bottle neckers with cents-off coupons, rolling wooden racks, case cards and price cards.

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N-ED - Slang/Internet Slang - Acronym Finder

5 definitions of N-ED. Definition of N-ED in Slang/Internet Slang. What does N-ED stand for?

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DOA - Definition by AcronymFinder

DOA: Day of Application: DOA: Department Of Agriculture: DOA: Domaine de l'Angoisse (French: Domain of Anguish) DOA: Defective on Arrival: DOA: Dowagiac (Amtrak station code; Dowagiac, MI)

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ALCON - Military and Government - Acronym Finder

2 definitions of ALCON. Definition of ALCON in Military and Government. What does ALCON stand for?

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SOP - Definition by AcronymFinder

SOP: Survey of Pakistan (est. 1947) SOP: Solicitation of Proposals (various organizations) SOP: Statement of Principle (various locations) SOP: Standard of Perfection (American Poultry Association)

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NCP | Define NCP at AcronymFinder

NCP: National Conscience Party (Namibia) NCP: National Competition Policy (Australia) NCP: National Center for Physics (Pakistan) NCP: New Construction Program (various organizations)

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