Advanced Coupons - The Best WooCommerce Coupon Plugin

Christopher runs a unique store with a unique product, they sell contact lenses that change your eye color. They found Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce while trying to satisfy some unique pricing rules for their products and the discounts customers should get in certain situations.

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5 Recommended WooCommerce Coupon - Advanced Coupons

Using the right coupons plugin, you can offer almost any type of coupon that you can imagine. However, some types of WooCommerce coupons can be much more effective than others. With Advanced Coupons , you can offer email signup welcome coupons, abandoned cart offers, and many more types of discounts.

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Never Overpay Again

Add Indxu today for automatic coupons up to 75% off at over 6,000 stores! Indxu is a free Chrome extension that automatically adds coupons, checks prices and offers when you shop online.

Advanced Coupons - The Best WooCommerce Coupon Plugin

Advanced Coupons is designed to be used daily by the store owner themselves, so even if a designer or developer installs the plugin for you, rest assured that you’ll be able to use Advanced Coupons yourself without any assistance from them. We have a comprehensive knowledge base and our support team is here and ready to assist you if you have

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Beginner's Guide to WooCommerce Coupon Codes (Updated)

If you’re operating an online store built with WordPress, WooCommerce coupon codes are a valuable tool you already have access to. However, there’s a lot to learn about using discounts effectively.. Fortunately, WooCommerce makes creating coupon codes a breeze so that you can up your discount marketing game with minimal effort. You can get started with just a few clicks.

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49 Creative & Clever Coupon Code Names (That Make

Clever Coupon Code Names. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of 49 clever coupon code names that you can borrow or adapt: Back To School. Back to school is a popular time for retailers to make deals with customers. It’s all about getting those kids back on the books and back to school.

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How To Implement WooCommerce Coupon Restrictions

Once the plugin is active, you can navigate to WooCommerce > Coupons and click on Add Coupon at the top of the screen. On the next page, get started by clicking on Generate coupon code and then add a description to it, for internal identification purposes. For this example, we’re going to set up a basic coupon that gives 15% off for purchases

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How To Do Tiered Discounts In - Advanced Coupons

Tier 4: $200 and above – give the customer 25% off; Create your coupons by going to WooCommerce->Coupons and clicking Add Coupon up the top. You’ll need to set the name for each tier and the amount of discount which is found on the General tab. You will need to set the discount type to “Percentage discount”.

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How To Make A Coupon That Discounts - Advanced Coupons

We’re using a tool called Advanced Coupons which adds a bunch of extra features to your standard WooCommerce coupons, one of which being shipping overrides. This is WAY more than just your normal boring “free shipping” deal. Imagine being able to do things like: 50% off express shipping for a limited time!

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How To Craft The Perfect Discount - Advanced Coupons

Because you recently bought a coffee maker you are now eligible to claim a 1kg bag Joe’s Specialty Grade Sumatran Single-Origin Arabica Coffee at 20% off. But hurry we have limited stock and this offer is only valid for 1-week. Give it a try! While they both make the same offer, 20% off, the second is specific and personalized.

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Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce (Free Version) Getting

Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce (Premium Version) is the add-on for the free plugin and immediately it opens up a lot of extra features that will give you maximum flexibility. Premium Cart Conditions, advanced cart conditions to let you control exactly when coupons should be allowed to apply.; Advanced BOGO Deals, run advanced BOGO deals with multiple products or across product categories.

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How To Create Free Offers In - Advanced Coupons

The reason is that the default coupons can only restrict the usage of the coupon. It doesn’t let you define additional actions to take after the coupon has been applied which is what you really need to pull this off.

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