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Adding empathy to the entrée, digitally

Paradoxically to the distancing, mobile apps have the potential to actually bring the customer closer to the service through a host of benefits, including ordering online or pre-ordering to avoid wait time, paying through a virtual wallet, and offering loyalty credits or discount coupons, thereby adding a whole new dimension to an elevated

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Never Overpay Again

Add Indxu today for automatic coupons up to 75% off at over 6,000 stores! Indxu is a free Chrome extension that automatically adds coupons, checks prices and offers when you shop online.

One happy customer - Capgemini

discounts or coupons but in the brand’s ability to solve problems – be it saving time and effort or increasing comfort. This value manifests in many forms – from timely, relevant product recommendations to early access to sales to hassle-free return policies. Even an unexpected in-store touch, such

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The Complex Business of Accounting for Trade Promotion

The Complex Business of Accounting for Trade Promotion – Counting the Coupons. Publish date: Date icon January 26, 2013 Today’s CPG trade promotion environment is filled with complexities that far outweigh what we see in other industries. From the manufacturing perspective, CPG companies face some of the biggest challenges, which include

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Lifestyle loyalty - Capgemini UK

In some cases, consumers will be put off joining and taking part, because they don’t feel that they ‘fit the mould’ or belong in that environment. Twitter user @ClueHeywood highlighted in a tongue-in-cheek manner the slight absurdity of some of the advertising in this space, which positions itself as being entirely inaccessible to the

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The Blazing Speed of the 5G Revolution in Real Life

MWC19 Barcelona is the largest mobile event in the world and continues to expand its reach. Once focused on telecom only, MWC is now the place to be to see the newest innovative technology and product launches. This year, more than ever, we witnessed the automotive, health, and fintech industries launch new products in addition to the traditional mobile launches of new devices, including two

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Four Signs Your Loyalty Program Needs an Overhaul (Part 1

It is still useful to provide discounts, special sales and free shipping to loyalty program members. After all, many joined initially for 15 percent off at checkout. But it is necessary to take your program beyond the transactional to ensure a lasting and fruitful relationship.

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Doing Business The Digital Way: How Capital One

email. The coupons provided targeted money-saving deals to card holders based on their spending habits. Driving Partnership between IT and Business to Deliver Products with Increased Speed and Efficiency Early on, Capital One realized that IT was a key determinant of success in a digital world. Its CIO goes as far as to say, “For

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My Jealous Super Market – Capgemini UK

When you check out at The Cooperative and they scan your loyalty card, sometimes, seemingly at random the till prints out a coupon for your next visit, “Spend £20 and get £2 off” or perhaps £30 and £3. Until recently I collected my 10% from time to time and didn’t think much of it.

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An interview with Ron Zeghibe

2010. We hit it off instantly, discussing how we could use technology to fundamentally change the taxi market. What is Hailo? Hailo is a London-based company. It offers a network that matches . passengers with licensed taxi drivers, using a mobile application. The application has two distinct parts – one app dedicated to customers where they

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IoT for the Consumer Goods and Retail Businesses: What are

humidity are available off-the-shelf to connect with these new low-cost computing devices. If real-time analysis of the sensor data is required, you can add intelligence to these devices, enabling them to perform the processing locally, and at a low cost.5 There are many other examples of ready-to-go IoT devices.

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