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Meet the 500 largest online retailers in North America ...

(52 years ago) Jun 09, 2021  · The new Digital Commerce 360 Top 500 analysis report shows the largest retailers grew the most last year. North America's leading online merchants collectively grew 45.3% in 2020, faster than the overall U.S. and North American markets, which grew 32.4% and 34.2%, respectively.

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Why US B2B marketplaces are on an ecommerce fast track

(52 years ago) Jul 01, 2021  · Digital sales on course to more than double. In 2021, based on a projection that total B2B ecommerce will grow by 15% to $1.60 trillion from $1.39 trillion in 2020, the collective digital sales on commercial trading platforms and industry marketplaces will grow by 130% to $56.5 billion and account for 3.5% of all business ecommerce sales ...

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Internet Retailer Newsletter | E-Commerce News | Digital ...

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Digital Commerce 360—Retail | Formerly Internet Retailer ...

(52 years ago) Jul 22, 2021  · Digital Commerce 360—Retail, formerly Internet Retailer, is the leading source for ecommerce news, strategies and research. Including webinars and ecommerce rankings.

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Digital Commerce 360 | Internet Retailer News & Analysis ...

(52 years ago) Jul 22, 2021  · Digital Commerce 360 (Internet Retailer) for 18 years has delivered the valuable facts, figures and analyses needed to cover the digital transformation.

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Subscriptions | Digital Commerce 360 | Internet Retailer ...

(52 years ago) Subscribe to the most dependable and trusted source for in-depth news, analysis and research across e-retailing, B2B and digital healthcare industries.

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Kroger opens its first robotic ecommerce fulfillment center

(52 years ago) May 12, 2021  · Kroger’s goal is to build 20 “Ocado-powered” ecommerce fulfillment centers in the United States. And in late April, it opened its first one—a 375,000-square-foot robotic fulfillment center in Monroe, Ohio—that uses artificial intelligence, robotics and automation.

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Progressive Web Apps versus mobile apps: What you need to know

(52 years ago) Jul 08, 2019  · Progressive Web Apps offer some of the advantages of native mobile apps without forcing consumers to download the app from the Apple or Android app store. But there are downsides to PWAs. Retailers may find that the best course is to make use of both PWAs and native apps. Progressive Web Apps offer some of the advantages of native mobile apps without forcing consumers to download the …

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Contact Our Staff | Digital Commerce 360

(52 years ago) Contact Us. The primary contacts for information on Digital Commerce 360 products and services are listed below and can be reached during our normal office hours from 9:00am-5:00pm CT. Our main corporate phone number is 312-362-9527.

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Lord & Taylor emerges from bankruptcy as an online-only ...

(52 years ago) Apr 22, 2021  · Lord & Taylor emerges from bankruptcy as an online-only retailer. The iconic apparel retail chain’s new owner is hoping to attract new, younger customers. Lord & Taylor’s past few years were turbulent: fashion startup Le Tote acquired Lord & Taylor in 2019 for $71 million, then the brands filed for bankruptcy in August 2020 and were ...

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Roundup: Home Depot grows online sales five times faster ...

(52 years ago) Aug 23, 2019  · The Home Depot reported a 20% year-over-year increase in online sales for its fiscal quarter ending Aug. 4, while Lowe’s reported a 4% increase in ecommerce sales for its fiscal second quarter ending Aug. 2 compared the same period last year. Home Depot is No. 7 in the Internet Retailer 2019 Top 1000 and Lowe’s is No. 23.

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Amazon’s Prime Day 2021 sales total $11.19 billion ...

(52 years ago) Jun 23, 2021  · Digital Commerce 360 estimates Amazon’s sales on Prime Day hit $11.19 billion globally over the two-day period spanning June 21 and June 22, up 7.6% during the 48-hour event in October 2020 when sales reached $10.39 billion. Overall, Prime members purchased more than 250 million items worldwide during the 2021 event, Amazon says.

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Amazon still governs its contract drivers - B2B E-Commerce

(52 years ago) May 05, 2021  · Amazon still governs its contract drivers. Amazon has chosen not to directly employ DSP drivers, an arrangement that shields it from costs and liabilities the work incurs. Amazon’s growing sway over its delivery partners, however, could convince courts and government agencies that the company is actually a “joint employer” or ...

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Procter & Gamble makes ecommerce a big priority

(52 years ago) Jul 14, 2020  · Procter & Gamble makes ecommerce a big priority. P&G is on track to grow ecommerce sales to 10% of total sales in fiscal 2020. Through the manufacturer's fiscal third quarter ended March 31, web sales for some brands increased by more than 50% year over year, according to data in the forthcoming 2020 B2B Manufacturing report from Digital ...

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Why independent grocers should avoid Instacart (and ...

(52 years ago) Jun 12, 2020  · Further, if we are to believe accounts from Instacart workers, they’re being asked to risk their lives for the sake of $7 per hour. Reports emerged in March that workers were staging a walkout in protest at their working conditions, having to pick orders from packed stores with near-empty shelves. This is the danger of the gig worker model, whereby the platform company puts itself into a ...

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How a coffee roaster’s e‑commerce site serves B2B and B2C ...

(52 years ago) Jan 08, 2018  · Matt Riddle, director, e-commerce. About 75% of the company’s business is B2B and about 90% of that business is now conducted online, running on Magento’s Enterprise 2.1.7 system, Riddle says. To date, the new technology has helped increase mobile traffic and decrease customer service calls, Riddle says. Intelligentsia wanted to improve its ...

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(52 years ago) All the latest news, analysis, research reports, charts, data and webinars on Contact Our Teams across DigitalCommerce360.

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Dell Technologies cites ecommerce as a critical strategy

(52 years ago) Aug 31, 2020  · Dell’s net sales dipped by 1% year over year during its fiscal first-half, but the manufacturer said its ecommerce channel played a critical role in handling strong demand for work-at-home digital technology. Dell Technologies says its ecommerce channel helps it to quickly serve customers set up work-at-home technology.

Category: Technology, Get Code creates a home for pros

(52 years ago) Aug 02, 2012  ·’s pro sales currently are 50% greater than at this time last year, says Brandon Proctor, vice president of marketing. A pro makes a purchase about every 90 days on compared with every 180 days for a consumer, he adds. “A regular consumer might buy products to remodel one room, while a pro is constantly working on ...

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Nordstrom’s ecommerce sales represent 61% of revenue in Q2

(52 years ago) Aug 31, 2020  · View Details. Digital sales accounted for 61% of total sales in Q2, up from 30% in Q2 2019. For the first six months of its fiscal year, ecommerce represented 57% of total sales, up from 31% in 2019. Total revenue is down 45.5% to $3.98 billion for the first half of the year. Traffic to its site grew by double digits year over year in Q2 and ...

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What is Walmart's e‑commerce strategy?

(52 years ago) Feb 16, 2017  · Wal-Mart Stores Inc.’s acquisition of outdoor gear retailer Moosejaw is puzzling to a number of retail industry experts. Consider the context: Wal-Mart is buying up relatively small—and in some cases unprofitable—retailers like Moosejaw, Inc. and Inc., while Inc. is feverishly swallowing up the e-commerce market and posting growing profits.

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Can Amazon’s strengths outweigh its weaknesses?

(52 years ago) Sep 01, 2020  · Amazon dominates online retailing in the world’s most advanced economies and is among the world’s most valuable companies by stock market value. But Amazon does have weaknesses. The coronavirus exposed vulnerabilities in its ability to respond to supply disruptions. Plus, its very success makes Amazon a target for politicians and regulators the world over.

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Nike drives deeper into its direct-to consumer model

(52 years ago) Sep 29, 2017  · While Nike, No. 37 in the Internet Retailer 2017 Top 500, reported its slowest quarterly sales growth since 2010, its performance as a retailer—rather than a wholesaler—was a relative highlight.Sales on Nike’s own web store were up 19% in the first quarter of its fiscal 2018, ended Aug. 31, while its retail locations notched a 5% gain in same-store sales.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Chemical industry gains a foothold in B2B ...

(52 years ago) Aug 25, 2020  · The chemical industry has been slow to get online for sales, but U.S. chemical sales have gained a foothold in ecommerce in recent years, industry experts said in a recent webinar presented by Knowde, a chemicals industry B2B online marketplace. The presentation, featuring speakers from chemicals giant DuPont, global consultants Deloitte and Knowde, noted a compound annual growth …

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Grocery retail changed dramaticaly in 2020 | Digital ...

(52 years ago) The evolution of the grocery market continues. Led by a surge in online grocery orders, U.S. ecommerce sales for Walmart Inc. (No. 3 in the 2020 Digital Commerce 360 Top 1000) grew 97.0% in the second quarter of fiscal 2021, which ended July 31.Walmart is the world’s largest retailer and the biggest grocer in the United States.

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Investors in Fastenal focus on the threat from Amazon

(52 years ago) Jul 17, 2017  · (Bloomberg View) — Investors need to ease up on Fastenal Co.. The $12 billion distributor of nuts, bolts and other industrial parts initially surged as much as much as 6.9% on Wednesday after reporting decent second-quarter results, only to give up those gains and tumble by nearly as big a percentage.As of 1:50 p.m. in New York, the shares were down about 2%.

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(52 years ago) Report Memberships ( See Memberships) purchases from the Digital Commerce 360 shop can be canceled within 24 hours of purchase if you have not downloaded or accessed any of the research reports included in the membership. If you’re having difficulty accessing, logging in, or downloading an item after purchase, contact Digital Commerce Support ...

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Unilever’s online food service: a timely shift to B2B and B2C

(52 years ago) May 06, 2020  · A timely shift to both B2C and B2B. Both moves have paid off handsomely. Since launching its new ecommerce platform in September 2018 at, the company says it has seen B2B sales and new customer acquisitions each increase 40%, and repeat purchases jump 110%, says Adeel Murtaza, FoodServiceDirect’s head of ecommerce ...

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