Giving Money To Your Adult Children | Finance - Zacks

Giving Money to Your Adult Children. Your adult children have needs and dreams, and you can help. You can give your time baby-sitting grandchildren or helping them make repairs around the house.

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Tax on US Treasury STRIPS | Finance - Zacks

Tax on US Treasury STRIPS. Treasury bond STRIPS are a widely available form of zero coupon bonds. These bonds do not pay regular interest; instead, a STRIP is purchased at a discount from the face

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Premium Vs. Discount Bonds | Finance - Zacks

Premium Vs. Discount Bonds. Premium and discount refer to the price of a bond and can often mean the difference between a gain and a loss on your investment. But the correlation is not always

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Guide to Hedging With Treasury Bond Futures | Finance - Zacks

Bonds with relatively high coupons sell at a premium above par; low-coupon bonds are issued at a discount below par. Once issued, T-Bonds trade in secondary markets such as the New York Stock

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How to Convert Bond Price to Yield | Finance - Zacks

A bond’s interest payments are based on its annual interest rate, or coupon rate, and its face, or par, value. While the coupon remains fixed, a bond’s market price fluctuates to reflect

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How to Price Bonds With Floating Rates | Finance - Zacks

How to Price Bonds With Floating Rates. The par value of a bond is 100. This is its face value -- the principal amount the bond will pay at maturity -- quoted as a percentage of face value. A bond

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How to Determine Future Value of Cash Flows | Finance - Zacks

How to Determine Future Value of Cash Flows. Cash flows are one-time or periodic inflows of money, such as dividends, or outflows, such as tuition expenses. Determining the future value of these

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How to Invest During Deflation | Finance - Zacks

Falling prices and decreasing asset values are symptoms of economic deflation. As the economy slows, demand for goods and services drops and employees are laid off as production slows. Higher

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Do Bonds Pay Dividend or Interest? | Finance - Zacks

The ratio of the annual payout to the bond's current price is known as the bond's yield, and it can be different from the interest rate paid on the face value of the bond, known as its coupon rate.

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Donation Vs. Cost Basis | Finance - Zacks

Your basis for property refers to what you paid for it. However, even if you paid a fair price at the time you bought it, the value of the item can change, sometimes drastically, before you donate it.

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Are Treasury Bonds Tax Free? | Finance - Zacks

Treasury Bonds. U.S. Treasury bonds are sold in increments of $100 with a $100 minimum purchase. Technically, a Treasury bond is a U.S. government debt security with a maturity of at least 10

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