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Actived: Wednesday Jan 13, 2021

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I have a coupon that says "40% off any purchase" and it

I have a coupon that says "40% off any purchase" and it also says "not valid with other discounts, prior purchases, clearance items and discontinued items. Is the printed sale price on the Price Tag of an item considered a discount that would be included in "other discounts" that they are excluding? The sale price would be off of the MSRP.

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Is it illegal to offer a 25% off coupon on copay or

BestBuy recently ran a promotion where it would give a $25 gift card along with a $75 coupon for each working laptop running Windows XP. My question is about the $75 coupon, the coupons do not state t … read more

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Is it legal to sell coupons online? - JustAnswer

Is it legal for an online retailer to charge more than the agreed upon price at checkout? Yesterday, when purchasing something off eBay, I used a coupon code for 20% off. At checkout, this coupon code … read more

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Trying to print coupons. I can’t print the coupons. It won

Trying to print coupons. I can’t print the coupons. It won’t show the barcode to print - Answered by a verified Software technician. If your HP printer won't print - please start off by unplugging the printer for 2-3 minutes. Once it's powered down, plug it back in and wait an additional 3 minutes for it to start up and initialize.

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Groupon discount question. Can amounts withheld by Groupon

If a business offers coupons for their services as an incentive for a donation to a charity, how much of the value of those coupons can the business write off as tax-deductible? I.e. someone donates $ … read more

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Myrbetrig Are there coupons? None

Hi. I need an epi pen, but with insurance a two pack is 600 bucks. I was able to find a 300 off coupon, but that still is too high for me. Are there any cheaper alternatives? Have a peanut allergy. … read more

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I drive a X3, I am looking for discount coupons for

I drive a X3, I am looking for discount coupons for service repair?. Mechanic's Assistant: What year is your X3? 2013. Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your X3 yourself? What have you tried so far? I would like to take the car to a dealership. Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? I need brake work, my back passenger only opens from the

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I see that you've answered several questions about Groupon

I am wanting to spend $200,000.00 cash on a new home that was just recently built. The sale price is $217,000.00. I want them to take that $17,000.00 off/ do a tax write-off How can they validate d … read more

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Are discounts for clients deductible on taxes, what if you

Hence if you invoiced clients but were paid partially than the remaining would not be written off as expense/bad debt. This is because you never included the invoiced amount as income. You only reported the amount you received as income. Regarding adjustment of rent against architectural fees- this is basically a wash. You report architectural

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Is it illegal for a consumer to return an item purchased

Lets assume for this scenario that Mary and Joan live in a State with 5% sales tax. Mary and Joan enter XYZ retailer and purchase items for a total of 100.00 before sales tax. Mary presents coupons to the cashier totaling 10.00. the new total is 90.00 plus tax (5% on 100.00 or 5.00) bringing the total to 95.00. Mary finds she only has 50.00 on her.

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