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What to Do With Your Expired Groupon Deals - 8 Proven ...

(2 days ago) Groupon’s refund policy varies by product type. According to the Groupon Promise, the plain-English version of its return policy, refund terms are actually pretty strict for traditional vouchers: Once three days elapse after purchase, all sales are final.. This isn’t always the case in practice. If you can demonstrate that your deal expired unused due to a problem on the issuing merchant ...


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What Happens To Unused Groupons | Coupon Codes

(11 months ago) Here come the coupons, coupon codes, discounts and discount codes of wide-ranging brands, the smartest way to save off. Find all in this coupon offering site.


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What Happens To Unused Groupons | Promo Codes

(11 months ago) Must-stop destination for online shopping. Let’s join this coupon marathon to win coupons and voucher codes, saving your budget.


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(23 days ago) Goods. All Goods ; Personalized Items (1). All Personalized Items Deals (1); Custom Photo Prints (1). All Custom Photo Prints Deals (1); Canvas Prints (1); For the Home (14294). All For the Home Deals (14294); Furniture (465). All Furniture Deals (465); Baby & Kid's Furniture (11); Bedroom Furniture (94). All Bedroom Furniture Deals (94); Headboards (10); Beds (21); Nightstands (13)


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Don't toss out that expired Groupon - CreditCards.com

(4 days ago) “If your Groupon expires, the voucher is still good indefinitely at the business for the amount paid.” For instance, if you spend $20 for a $40 Groupon to a restaurant, and your Groupon expires, you still have $20 in credit to use at the restaurant. In other words, you lose the promotional or bonus value of the deal, but not the purchase price.


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Groupon extends expiration dates due to coronavirus

(2 days ago) So you bought a Groupon to get a massage and another one to get drinks and now those feel worth less than their discount. In order to let customers stay isolated and avoid spreading COVID-19 ...


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Groupon Extending Vouchers Up to 12 Months Due to Coronavirus

(3 days ago) Groupon makes it possible to buy a voucher now and support local businesses later! To ensure the safety of its customers, employees, and merchants, Groupon has announced that it is extending vouchers for up to 12 months whenever possible and customers will be notified as these dates are extended. If you’ve already purchased a Groupon, you’re asked to keep your voucher and “show up when ...


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Your Expired Groupons Are Valid Again Thanks to $8.5 ...

(2 days ago) Groupon has agreed to pay an $8.5 million settlement in a class action lawsuit claiming that expiration dates are illegal. Better yet, the court also ruled that you can use all those Groupons you ...


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(4 days ago) Sign in to get personalized notifications about your deals, cash back, special offers, and more. Sign In No account yet? Sign Up


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Voucher and gift card rights amid coronavirus lockdown and ...

(3 days ago) The coronavirus pandemic is affecting every aspect of our lives and each day brings with it changes to the way we work, socialise and shop. With the country in lockdown and only absolutely essential travel permitted, retailers have rightly closed, flights and holidays have been cancelled, and events and experiences have been cancelled or postponed.


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My Groupon Voucher says it’s ... - FAQ | Picture Keeper

(5 days ago) When you access your Groupon vouchers, there is a button that says “Mark as Redeemed”, pressing this button Does Not redeem your voucher, but it does tell Groupon that your voucher has been redeemed. What this means is that after you’ve pressed this button, you can no longer access the Redemption Code, which is needed to Redeem your voucher.


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How to Get a Groupon Refund When a Company Closes

(7 days ago) If anything happens that makes it impossible for you to redeem your Groupon, we'll make sure you get your money back. I had not given this subject much thought until a few weeks ago when my inbox ...


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How to turn your unused Groupons into cold, hard cash

(2 days ago) When he bought a package of massages for half price ($245) from Groupon, Nathan Barusch of Phoenix, Ariz., had every intention of going. But things got busy at work, he couldn’t schedule an ...


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(3 days ago) Groupon is an easy way to get huge discounts while discovering fun activities in your city. Our daily local deals consist of restaurants, spas, hotels, massages, shopping vouchers, things to do, and a whole lot more, in hundreds of cities across the world.Discover the best gift ideaswith Groupon: check out great deals for Gifts for Him, Gifts for Her, Gifts for Couples, Birthday Gifts, Gifts ...


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How Groupon Refunds Work How to Return Your Purchases

(2 days ago) Groupon’s refund policies differ depending on what type of item you purchase. You can return a coupon depending on which type you purchased. Local vouchers, Groupon Goods, Groupon Getaways, Groupon Live, and BeautyNow are all eligible for return within certain time frames, under specific circumstances.


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Sell That "Great" Groupon Deal Back for Cash! - The Krazy ...

(3 days ago) Katie replies, “Yes. I’ve sold several Groupons successfully.” KillerStartups gives CoupRecoup two thumbs up: “There was a real demand for something like this—it is a true secondary market for deal sites.” A Wedding Wire reviewer posted about a great deal she got from CoupRecoup: “I got a $70 Groupon for only $7.97 on CoupRecoup ...


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Groupon Class Action Settlement: Use Your Expired Groupons ...

(2 months ago) Update: There is now an official website at grouponvouchersettlement.com. The court hasn’t approved an official settlement breakdown yet, the claim form is available to submit by e-mail. What, Groupon already has a class action settlement? Yup. Bloomberg reports that Groupon has agreed to pay $8.5 million to settle a class-action lawsuit alleging the expiration dates on its coupons are illegal.


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Frequently Asked Questions | GroupGolfer.com

(2 days ago) What happens if the minimum is not met? If the minimum is not met no one is charged and no one gets the deal. What does "limit `x` per person" mean? In the Rule Book, "limit `x` per person" describes the maximum quantity of vouchers that can be purchased under a GroupGolfer account. Each voucher is valid for one person, unless otherwise stated.


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Aftermarket Groupon Sites Eat Into ... - The New York Times

(2 days ago) Groupon and the merchants it works with have been profiting from the 20 percent of vouchers that go unused, but sites that resell them are lowering that number and eating into profits.


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How to sell unused Groupons and other group vouchers - AOL ...

(3 days ago) Rather than letting it go to waste, you can sell unused Groupons and other group-buying deals to recoup your cost. Coupon Sherpa has found five ways to resell group-buying buying vouchers .


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CoupRecoup: Your free marketplace to buy and sell local deals

(2 days ago) Buy and sell Groupon, LivingSocial, Tippr, Social Buy, Fresh Guide and other local coupons. Buy and sell local deals in United States (change) Find a Deal; Post a Deal. Deal Filters. United States (change) Categories Activities Beauty & Spa Fitness Food & Drink Health & Medical Kids Shopping Services Tours ...


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Warning: Groupon May Be Dangerous to Your Wealth ...

(2 days ago) In just the few years since Groupon's birth, the value of unused vouchers has apparently swelled to as much as $725 million. If the merchant responsible for a voucher goes under, Groupon promises to refund the consumer; but Groupon itself has financial difficulties, and so that back-stop holds questionable value.


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Where to Resell Your Unused Groupons: The Secondary Market ...

(7 days ago) (photo: Groupon) Ever buy a Groupon or other daily deal voucher you never used? You have several options: write off the money you spent as a loss, try to sell the coupon on eBay or Craigslist, or take a more targetted approach, thanks to a handful of websites that have recently sprung up to act as a secondary market for those vouchers.


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Groupon down? Current outages and problems | Downdetector

(3 days ago) Groupon is a e-commerce websites that sells activities, travel, goods and services.


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What happened to Groupon? : OutOfTheLoop

(2 months ago) But in practice most people get the Groupon and wait for another one - their expectation of how much X should cost is now half of what the regular price is. So the repeat customers don't happen and the business isn't making enough money on the promotional price, so they stop offering Groupons and go back to traditional advertising.


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Does Anyone Know How To Cancel Or Stop A Groupon Campaign ...

(2 days ago) I setup a Groupon campaign a long time ago. I want to stop or cancel the offer. I log into the merchant account with no problems. I can see the campaign but can delete or stop. I do have an email for my rep at the bottom of page but "message wasn't delivered"? I did also call the help phone number 888-582-4354. When I call a just get a voice mail.


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Got a Groupon you can't use? New site lets you resell it ...

(2 days ago) It happens all the time. You buy a Groupon or some other daily deal and you just can't use it. It happens all the time. You buy a Groupon or some other daily deal and you just can't use it ...


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Groupon Nightmares (and How to Avoid Them)

(6 days ago) Groupon might seem like great advertising, but it can spell disaster for unprepared small businesses. ... Here are five Groupon nightmares that could happen to you -- and how to avoid them.


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Buy and Sell Your Unused Groupon-like Coupons on Lifesta ...

(1 months ago) Buy and Sell Your Unused Groupon-like Coupons on Lifesta [Disrupt Startup Alley] Roi Carthy @roi / 10 years What happens when that $145 tandem skydiving coupon you bought doesn’t seem like a ...


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Unused Groupon Hate | Chicago - Yelp

(2 months ago) Unused Groupon Hate. ... What happens if my Groupon expires? All is not lost! Once a Groupon reaches its expiration date, it loses its promotional value, but you can still redeem it at the price you paid for the length of time stated by gift certificate laws in your state.


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Groupon: I have * expired groupons unused because of ...

(19 days ago) Multiple expired unused Groupons I have a Groupon for kayaking that expires *****. I tried using it today but... refunds for unused groupons that have expired and are no longer available Groupon which is listed as unused was rejected by restaurant as used due to illness I need to reschedule my groupon ***** which expires... I want a refund for expired and unused groupons I have a groupon for ...


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What is Groupon? How Does It Work? Explained in 2 minutes

(16 days ago) This is a 2 minutes explainer video on what is Groupon and what is it all about? So, Groupon is a middleman service that basically promotes businesses. It he...


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Why I won't be using Groupon again.. A consumer ...

(1 months ago) Groupon coupons even have a note to prevent poor tipping: "*Remember: Groupon customers tip on the full␣ amount of the pre-discounted bill (and tip␣ generously). That's why we are the coolest␣ customers out there." In the few groupons I've used, I've tipped more than my normal 20% on the full price because I know I've saved money.


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What is Groupon and Why It's Dangerous - Wealth Pilgrim

(5 days ago) If this does happen, the reduction in Groupon profits doesn’t make it is a profitable. Bottom line: No Merchants = No groupons = No Groupon. Reply. Steve says. November 3, 2013 at 5:31 PM. I couldn’t agree more with your description of the win-lose situation with merchants. As a small business owner, I believe it’s alright to occasionally ...


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Groupon Settles Lawsuit Over Expiration Dates How to Use ...

(4 days ago) If approved, Groupons purchased between November 2008 and December 1, 2011 will be fully honored, or you may be able to receive a refund from the $8.5 million settlement fund.


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Buy And Sell Unused Groupons (And Other Daily Deals) On ...

(3 months ago) Enter Lifesta, a clearinghouse site where you can buy and sell unused Groupons, coupons, discount packages, or vouchers. To sell, you just set the price and Lifesta levies a $.99 fee plus 8% of ...


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What happened at Groupon?

(6 days ago) I suspect that what’s going to happen is that Groupon will start tightening up its standard contract with high-ticket-price merchants, to make it easier for Groupon to have recourse to the merchant when it needs to issue a refund. Will that scare away the merchants Groupon wants? If it does, then there are much deeper problems at Groupon than ...


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10 Pros and Cons of Using Groupon | Inc.com

(2 days ago) "What happens is that the Groupon promotion runs and then there is a flood of customers coming to their store," says the study's author and Jones School associate marketing professor Utpal Dholakia.


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7 Things You Should Know About Groupon

(27 days ago) Originally, Groupon offered a single deal per day. In order to activate the deal, a certain number of people would have to buy in. These daily deals were available for 24 hours, and early offers ...


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How Does Groupon Work and How Do You Get More Deals in ...

(2 days ago) Groupon deals are found on the Groupon.com website, or via the Groupon app, available on iPhone and Android devices. All a user needs to do is sign up via the email address, or sign in using their ...


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Not Going to Use Your Groupon Before it Expires? Trade It In!

(3 days ago) Now you can trade in select local deals you buy but don’t have a chance to use for Groupon Bucks. Trade-In deals give you the assurance that you can get the purchase price refunded in Groupon Bucks any time before the deal’s expiration date.


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Is It Tacky to Use a Groupon Twice? | Club Thrifty

(4 days ago) Either way, I have been shamed out of my Groupon strategy at this point, and plan to pay full price. After all, I don’t want to cancel on her either since my appointment is this Saturday. I also don’t want to save money at someone else’s expense , and am willing to fork over an extra $50 to avoid that situation, even if that isn’t the case.


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What Is Groupon, and How Does It Work? - Lifewire

(2 days ago) Email alerts notify you of new coupons from your favorite stores.; Groupon Bucks on qualifying purchases to get more discounts in the future.; Things To Do to find events near you that are cheaper with Groupon, and filter the results by category (like nightlife, tickets and events, sports and outdoors, and kids' activities) or by price or location.; Groupon deals on an interactive map that ...


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Gift your unused Groupons with Presentify.me

(15 days ago) Presentify.me takes your unused Groupons and LivingSocial discounts and pretties them up into gift cards for friends and family. While you can certainly pawn these off without the presentation ...


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What can I do with unused groupons? | Yahoo Answers

(1 months ago) I tested "positive" for the virus, but feel 100% normal with NO symptoms whatsoever. Will I get into any legal trouble if I leave my house?


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Selling Your Groupon Coupons - Wise Bread

(24 days ago) Groupon is becoming so popular that stores are complaining they can't handle the amount of traffic a Groupon deal can generate. So what happens if you see a fantastic deal but you can't take ...


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Groupon: What happened?

(3 days ago) Groupon makes its money by keeping a share of the revenue generated by the deal. Even though it enjoyed its biggest, most record-breaking holiday sales season this year, the company announced it ...


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